Message from WiMedia

The WiMedia Alliance, a global nonprofit organization, defines, certifies and supports enabling wireless technology for multimedia applications. WiMedia's UWB technology represents the next evolution of Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs) offering end users wireless freedom and convenience in a broad range of PC and consumer electronics products. Current WiMedia products are offered by major OEM’s including Imation, Dell and Toshiba, as well as smaller OEMs such as Atlona and Warpia. These products include Wireless USB docking stations, hard drives, projectors and Laptop to HDTV audio/video extenders. Wimedia Alliance is also focused on providing specifications for streaming video applications.

Our Mission: “To promote wireless multimedia connectivity and
interoperability between devices in a personal area network.”

WiMedia’s technology is an ISO-published radio standard for high-speed, ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless connectivity that offers an unsurpassed combination of high data throughput rates and low energy consumption. With regulatory approval in major markets worldwide, this technology has gained broad industry momentum as evidenced by its selection for Wireless USB and high-speed Bluetooth.

WiMedia Board Members: